Born and raised in a Caribbean paradise, Sarah Alicia’s favorite place to be other than behind a piano, is in the crystal clear water of the Cayman Islands.  At eight years old, she began playing drums when she duct taped the top of cans and arranged them into a set.  Unlike most parents, Sarah’s never complained or discouraged her from making as much noise as she needed.  Over time she learned piano and guitar.  Her vocals were cultivated in church by rich harmonies of gospel music.  Her early influences include: Grits, Out of Eden, D.C. Talk, Point of Grace, Salt-N-Pepa, and SWV.  She decided at 15 music was to be her life.  She attended Cornerstone University, American Indian College, and finished at Indiana University with a degree in General Studies concentrating in music and human services.

After school she returned to the islands to take a job directing music for the Church of God Chapel.  Her original music began as poetry set to music. In 2009, Brandon McSwain and Dalmond Bodden encouraged her to make an album and pursue her passion as a career.  Since then, Sarah has been featured on Cayman 27 News, Represent,” and was approached by Beneficial Entertainment and created a music video for her single “Sixteen”.  Join Sarah as she begins to share her gift and encourages others to experience being free in love.

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